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field repair & service

The medical laser market is the fastest growing segment of the laser industry, and Optilight is at the forefront of innovation in the supply of components and service.

Optilight is one of the leading national provider of superior quality, cost-effective laser products and services. Our experience and extensive network make Optilight is your single, trusted source for laser maintenance, supplies and personalized service for your medical laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

equipment installation

Laser equipment must be properly installed to meet your expectations of trouble-free use. Installation includes proper power facilitation within your office. As power and facilities requirements for lasers differ according to make and model, installation must meet the manufacturer’s specification and that of your facility’s AC power network.

In addition to AC power requirements, following transport, laser equipment usually requires precision alignment. The procedures must be consistent with the manufacturer’s requirements. Failing to perform these tasks properly can limit performance or it can lead to troublesome operation.

Laser systems are typically unpacked and installed for the first time by our certified Field Service Engineer. With adequate understanding of the installation requirements, your site can be prepared before installation of your new laser system.

For a given laser system this may include some of all of the following:

  • Facility requirements including power and cooling water
  • Suggested relative setup orientations for major laser system components
  • Specifications for external interlock circuits
  • Specifications for external computer control

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